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About Crosswords

Attention puzzle lover's: with the Crossword app you won't get bored anymore.

Get our new crossword app and have an ultimate blast with our puzzles.

2,186 crosswords are divided into 3 levels of difficulty and are offered in 9 different languages!

The features:

- all scores are saved

- you can either enter the answer in one go as a complete word or by entering letter for letter

- notification if the entry is correct (can be turned off)

- "Solve" function, should you be stuck

- endless many unique puzzles

- zoom in and zoom out function

- puzzle completeness is expressed as a percentage

We offer the puzzles in the following languages:

- English

- German

- Turkish

- Italian

- French

- Spanish

- Russian

- Swedish

- Polish

The puzzles are offered in the following levels of difficulty:

- easy

- medium

- hard

If you're stuck you can solve the question with your credits or unlock a new puzzle.

It's easy to get more credits:

- you get credits for starting the app once per day

- if you have completed a puzzle

- by recommending the app to a friend

- or through in-app purchase

Get our crossword app for free!

We appreciate any kind of improvement suggestions, please send an email to [email protected]

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