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Build the most crowded Fish School in the aquarium & Smash all rivals. Fight Now

Be the Fish King of the aquarium not by the size but by the school of tiny fishes.

Fish School is the new IO game giving you more chances to survive in the battle. Build your force to smash all the rivals by fishing their crewmate and other tiny fishes.

Big fish eat small fish to be giant fish. Giant fish eat big fish and turn over the Mega fish. Mega fish eat giant fish and finally become the legendary one. Use the fishbrain to build the fish tactic and rule the underwater fishdom. Go Fish Go!


- Numerous Fish kinds: Shark, Perch, Whale, Nemo, Narwhal, Goldfish, Dolphin, etc.

- 3 mysterious maps and more are coming.

- Many interesting hats for your fish fighter to be customized.

- Easy and addictive gameplay: Move your fish, Rush when needed, and collect more companions to be stronger!

- Conquer your rivals, and occupy their companions to be the biggest one in the battleground!

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