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About CuboAi

Ease Your Mind, Journey On

The first baby monitor to apply AI to Baby Sleep, Safety, and Memories. Our AI Safety Detection grows with baby for Covered, Face, Crying, Sleep Analytics, Auto Photo Capture, and lots more.

2020 JPMA Best in Safety

2020 CES Innovation Award

Trusted by 60k+ Parents Worldwide

WIRED List of Top Baby Monitors of 2020

Everything you want to see on one app.

Alongside CuboAi’s safety notifications for peace of mind, our user friendly interface helps keep you up to date with your baby’s precious moments on the daily. Scroll through organized timelines and a dedicated alert wall to keep informed of your baby’s situation throughout the day or revisit for your fondest moments and memories.

Intelligent features designed for baby’s Sleep, Safety & Memories

(1) Covered Face & Roll Over Detection

Safe Sleep for Babies. Peace of Mind for Parents! Developed with a pediatrician, CuboAi's face detection technology alerts you if it recognizes that your baby's mouth and nose are covered or if they're stuck when rolling over. Get alerted by our app in real-time!

(2) Sleep Monitoring and Soothing

Forget adding up your baby’s sleep hours on a manual log. While you do the parenting, we take care of the numbers so that every morning you can see a report with your baby’s sleep health in easy-to-navigate stats from last night. Play nature sounds white noise, and soothing music to create the perfect sleep environment for your little one to dream the night away.

(3) Danger Zone Detection: Protecting your little one from 0-5 years old!

CuboAi's Danger Zone Alert protects your baby beyond the crib and warns you if your little one is entering somewhere they shouldn't be! Use CuboAi with the mobile stand to transition from baby monitor to toddler cam.

(4) Automatic Photo Capture:Your baby's personal photographer

Never miss a “first-time” again with CuboAi’s help! Our AI can detect if your baby is smiling, crying, or making big moves and automatically snaps a photo for you to keep in your app- first time sitting up and first head lifts included! Organized by age on the Moments Wall , it’s like your baby’s very own digital scrapbook!

(5) HD Night Vision: Always Have the Best View of Baby

No more squinting or fumbling in the dark during late night check ups! CuboAi’s 1080p HD Night Vision.

Plus even more thoughtful additions to help with your parenting journey:

1. True cry detection - Always know when your baby needs you!

2. High quality two-way audio - Be with them no matter where you are!

3. Customized alerts - allow only notifications you want to see

4. Temperature & humidity detection - with Doctor-Recommended temperature ranges

5. Built-in night light - check in on your baby without disrupting their sleep

6. Adaptive stands that grow with your little one - Use CuboAi with most cribs, cradles, bassinets, or anywhere else. No tools required!

Bank-Level Security

2-Factor Authentication: Additional Security, you control who logs in

CTIA Cybersecurity Certified: AES-256 bit, Symmetric Encryption

Encrypted Data Protection: TLS/SSL Encrypted, no 3rd party can intercept

The Whole Family on One App

Up to 8 concurrent viewers

Manage family member permissions

Compatible with iOS, Android, and most tablets

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