Dame APK

About Dame

A 10x10 Ghana Dame for you.

Dame is a 10x10 Ghana Dame, Play just the way you normally play on the real game. If you missed playing Ghana Dame then this is the perfect choice.


- Ten Interesting Levels

- 8x8 Board and 10x10 Board

- Game History (Playback your saved game and learn from your mistakes).

- Four Game Boards

- Two Players (Offline)

- Online Game play with your friend

- Online Game play with random opponent

- Kawkaw (Removal of opponent's king as in the original Ghanaian game).

How to play online with your friend.

Create Option

- Click on main menu > game info, then copy your game ID

- Send your Game ID to your friend

- Click on New > Online > Play with Friend

- Click on create wait for your friend to connect.

Join Option

- Click on New > Online > Play with Friend

- Click on join and enter the Game ID of your friend

- Wait for the game to connect.

Note: So it means that the one who choose create must send his/her game ID to the other person for him/her to use.

How to play with random opponent

- Click on New > Online > Match Opponent > Continue.

The computer will connect you to anyone who also have done the same thing.

king Removal applies when

1. You don't capture and move.

2. You don't capture all the jumps needed.

How to avoid king Removal

Make sure to

1. Set the king capture mandatory

2. Either set maximum capture or make sure to capture all the jumps.

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