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It has never been easier to reach any corner of the city and beyond. In the digital age all the stress comes down to choosing the right customer taxi app!! Download DANIEL TAXI, fill in name and phone number. Activate the account with the confirmation message (4 digits). Very simple and fast, that when you wave at a taxi! You simply let your phone's GSP find your correct position and you have the "FIND ME" button, within seconds you get the fleet response along with the estimated time and driver-car photo! You choose who you want to travel with!

The DANIEL TAXI application provides safety for services dedicated to children and the elderly. They are treated with great care and respect! You can see the car on the map from the time of allocation to the boarding point and beyond for the entire duration of the race! We have the most modern dispatch center equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and an exceptional staff that is at your disposal 24/7. The car park is permanently maintained and all cars have luggage insurance! We offer monthly free rides to customers from the database as well as to those who want to try our services! Our success is due to our customers! We want satisfied customers, therefore we want the relationship we develop with them to be based on respect, fairness and correspond to a high professional standard! Thank you for choosing DANIEL TAXI!

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