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Fantastic coloring games, Immersive Dark&Gothic coloring book! Color by number.

Dark Color, Coloring Games, Color by Number is a horror-themed coloring book for adults. Paint by number to create your dark, gothic, devil, blood, horror coloring book. ?

These coloring games have so many fascinating coloring pages, such as Gothic, Vampire, Demon, and Skull…. and new pictures for color by numbers will be updated every day! ?

Not only that, Dark Color, Coloring games contain all the dark, gothic elements you can think of.

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✔Horror dolls




✔Halloween theme


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Featured Content:

?Vampire story series pictures?

? Mysterious horror pictures❓

You will find a picture you like! Join now! Enjoy an exclusive adult coloring book.

Check out our exclusive features.

-☠️Start the coloring games anytime, anywhere – Paint by number no pencil or paper is needed

-☠️Easily complete your extraordinary masterpiece in the coloring games

-☠️New drawings are updated daily, and unique pics made by illustrators

-☠️A rich and interesting theme, say goodbye to boredom

-☠️Share your work with friends on social networks

-☠️Unique killer clowns, Dracula, killer claws, zombies, and mummies

How do color by number in the app?

?Dark Color, Coloring games is a real dark-themed coloring book where you can easily click on the blank areas to color your favorite pictures. Paint by number, whether you're on the go, left alone at home, or just relaxing during your downtime, this dark color app is sure to be the one to keep you comfortable!

?Dark Color, Color by Number is updated daily with goth pictures and a variety of free pictures for you to paint. The exquisite horror pictures are specially created by our talented illustrators, and each one offers you a wonderful coloring game experience!

? In Dark Coloring Book, Color by Number, you can unleash your artistic talent as much as you want. Enjoy countless goth-themed colorful pictures at any time and create your coloring artwork anywhere you want. Open the coloring games and you will be transported into a wonderfully scary coloring world, plunge into Dracula, zombies, darkness, killers, and mummies inspired by coloring.

Sounds good? Download it now and experience adult coloring games.

These color games are for you if you like watching horror movies or like clowns, demons, goths, and zombies. Choose your favorite pics and color each goth picture with color. When you're done with these scary coloring pages, you can let your mind relax and live more comfortably!

? Coloring makes your life more exciting and gives you unexpected inspiration!

? Don't hesitate, we are waiting for you, join us now!

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