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About Dastaan-e-Shahadat

Dastaan-e-Shahadat Mobile App is designed for Tour & Travel Assistance.

Dastaan-e-Shahadat (by PUNJAB HERITAGE & TOURISM PROMOTION BOARD) Mobile App is designed for tour & travel assistance.

Dastaan-e-Shahadat Mobile App is designed for Tour & Travel Assistance.

Dastaan-e-Shahadat Mobile App is designed under “Providing Interactive Audience Experience solution with Audio Guide Mobile Application with Beacon sensors, server system, content management system with local streaming server, Android & iOS Mobile application complete as per DNIT, with 03 years O&M at Dastaan-e-Shahadat museum, Sri Anandpur Sahib & Dastaan-e-Shahadat museum, Chamkaur Sahib in District Rupnagar and at Shaheed Bhagat Singh Museum at Khatkar Kalan, District Shaheed Bhagat Singh Nagar, Punjab”.

Dastaan-e-Shahadat is a trustworthy and user-friendly travel companion that will guide you to the epicentre of Sri Anandpur Sahib. Dastaan-e-Shahadat uses Geo Location to provide a memorable Audio Guided Tour experience; you may listen to the Audio with your personal headset while being completely independent. It's like having a local friend who walks you through the Museum, but with the added benefit of knowledge as a Digital Tour Guide.

You can find Map instructions and in-depth Tour Content in the form of Voice, Text, and Videos are available (If any). It's a fantastic method to visit the Holy Sights.

Download this App to plan your visit to one of the Famous, Spiritual and Cultural Centre of the Sikh Religion.

Personalize your journey with detailed maps, in-depth travel content, and exploration of sites, spots, and artefacts, among other things. Each place has a Sightseeing Section that includes all of the Spots/Halls. Whether you want to prepare ahead of time or prefer to simply go with the flow, Dastaan-e-Shahadat will let you explore the travel experience in a new light.

The app informs you about Dastaan-e-Shahadat, such as its culture, heritage, historical events, Sikh tradition, and so on.

When visiting Dastaan-e-Shahadat, the whole background information might be a fascinating read at the Museum.

This Dastaan-e-Shahadat Audio Guide App has the following features:

• Location wise Audio Alerts gives you the feelings of your Personal Tourist Guide

• Explore like a Localite.

• Guide includes Maps

• Thematic Trails and Timed Tours Options

• Information about Major sights like Historical Places, Religious Places etc

• Provides authentic information in multiple forms

• Images, Texts, Videos and Virtual Tour of Museum Spots

• Let’s you leave Suggestions for other enthusiastic Travellers and Tourists

• Plays audio automatically about the Spots/Artefacts you are seeing

• Gives you option to choose from languages namely Punjabi, Hindi, and English

• Provides Fun, informative and knowledgeable experience

• Contact details of Emergency Services

• Download the App and enjoy it for free, we’re sure you’ll love it!


The app plays the Automatic Audio Alerts based on your device's location. So, what should you do? Visit, listen, and take your first step inside Dastaan-e-Shahadat with our Audio Guide Mobile App. Dastaan-e-Shahadat assists you in having an informative and fun tour by proposing the Sikh Religion Spiritual Places, Artefacts along with some Fantastic Spots waiting to be viewed by YOU!

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