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About Dazz Cam App: Lomograph Photo

Make boomerang & picture in polarr, vintage, glitch video effect with Dazz's Cam

Dazz's Cam App brings you into a new world of glitch effect, the lomograph photo effects world with unique and attractive photo filters. Which turns your photos and videos into a special Boomerang maker, vintage, polarr, drizzling, trippy, retro, D3D and glitch effect. DOWNLOAD NOW to Enjoy this Dazz's Cam Lomography - Glitch Photo Effects Boomerang maker & VHS Cam!

The Boomerang Maker feature of Dazz's Cam Lomograph App makes everyday moments fun and unexpected. Create captivating mini videos that loop back.

Dazz's Cam Lomography is the only app in the store that gives you the Glitch effect in real-time. Glitch photo and glitch video editor is going to be the most popular app because of its amazing features. It's quite easy to apply the 3D Effect to stabilize the pictures and videos with Glitch video & photo editor. There are many effects like 3D Photo, VHS Cam, glitch photo & glitch video boomerang Maker and many more are ready to make your photos and videos unique. Simply import a photo from your gallery or camera, then select any glitch effect to generate a 3D lomography photo effects, at the end just save your photo or share that via social media.

Once you get a grip on the Dazz's Cam app the results will be astonishing with Glitch photo effects boomerang maker and VHS Cam. You can get unlimited access to all the features to feel modern with retro vintage effect and feel the charm of glitch photo effects in desire, emotion and freedom.

You can create a high-resolution photo and video with glitch effect in Dazz's Cam Lomography - Glitch Photo Effects Boomerang Maker & VHS Cam. All the features of this Dazz's Cam app are adjustable, quick and easy for you to edit your photos and videos in an effective way to show your best impressions.


- 3D quality

- Boomerang

- Retro effects

- VHS camcorder

- High-quality Effects with Glitch video editor

- Live capture camera and glitch effect in real-time

- Glitch, Trippy, vintage effects to make your photos and videos modern and impressive

- Easily adjustable the degree, size, and glitch effect

- You can turn on flashlight real-time at night.

- Vintage photo effects that take back to the 80s and 90s.

- Just with a simple click, you can create a simple photo into a unique glitch effect photo.

- VHS cam is just one step, you can create your own 3D video or a photo from your phone in Glitch effects.

You can not only apply any one of the photo effects but also can integrate the 3D photo effects together to make your work artistic in a cool way. Glitch photo editor merges with the old school and modern digital style. A progression of film effects and vintage photo effects make your photos look like taken by an old camera.

Dazz's Cam Lomography app offers you a beautiful selection of Boomerang Maker, 3D photo effects, retro, vintage, glitch effect, VHS cam effect and many more. Lomograph glitch photo editor app is for glitch style lovers who want to show themselves cool, modern, unique, and dramatic. You can share your glitch photos or glitch videos boomerang maker by Dazz's Cam to your social club, a goal to attract more attention and fame.

Retro photo editor gets you back again to the trend that offers you a host of vintage photo effects and retro filters that help you to go back to the day when we are happy, healthy and youthful with Dazz's Cam Lomograph - Glitch Photo Effects Boomerang Maker & VHS Cam!

If you are a true fan of the Boomerang video and Glitch photo effect and lomograph, you can not ignore this Dazz's Cam - Glitch Photo Effects Boomerang Maker & VHS Cam! This app makes your photos eye-catcher on Instagram. By the way of using the Dazz's Cam Lomography app, you can get more LIKES and FOLLOWERS so download this app and enjoy something new and different and don't forget to share your remarks about this Dazz's Cam Lomography - Glitch Photo Effects Boomerang Maker & VHS Cam!

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