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About DCSS: Bloatcrawl 2

Bloatcrawl 2 is a fork of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.

Bloatcrawl 2 is a fork of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. If you aren't familiar with the base game this fork probably won't make any sense.

Cool features:

- 69 (sixty-nine) nice species and 69 (sixty-nine) nice backgrounds. Bloatcrawl favorites and brand new genius designs are here together. New stuff ranges from bad memes to wild, borderline unplayable nonsense. Play as a Moonotaur Anarchist or a Squat Elf Zinja. Scour the possible combinations for something really overpowered, something really terrible, or something that spells a no-no word.

- 5 (five) game modifiers. Play your Unipode as a mummy, disable traps, halve your experience gain, and more!

- 1 (one) new evocable item and 1 (one) new unique enemy.

- Dabbing.

Android controls:

- The back key works as an alias for escape.

- Long press for right click.

- Two finger scrolling works on menus.

- Volume keys zoom the dungeon and the map.

- There's an extra icon in the system commands menu to toggle the virtual keyboard.

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