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About Demon Slayer Ⅱ Mobile

Storm the city, destroy the demons and explore the world!

The game introduced various elements of strategy into the battle process, created an in-depth character development system and provided you with an extensive area of ​​the outer city for free research.

Build a castle and expand your influence. You are the greatest Ruler to rise in the midst of military turmoil!

Destroy monsters and penetrate dangerous territories. You are a ray of hope of all mankind during the reign of darkness!

Find comrades and overcome all obstacles together. You are the hero of this world!

Game features:

1- RPG game with a development system, elements of strategy and turn-based battles. Build a city, develop troops, occupy territories and drive out enemies, become the most powerful Ruler and rule in the world!

2- A completely new plot in the style of epic fiction, original symphonic music, heroic poetry, which reveals the boundless world of medieval history.

3- Systems of combat power, equipment, skills, nature, talents, geniuses, so that you can create a variety of strategic combinations and become the most powerful.

4- Avatar system, stylish hairstyles, costumes, wings, weapon skins of your choice. Embark on a ride on a mighty steed!

5- Extensive map of the outer city, freely explore the wilderness, thicket, desert, snowy mountains in search of the mysterious treasures of antiquity.

6- Learn life skills: collect drugs, extract ore, sew and make the necessary items and equipment.

7- Freely trade and exchange items in the Transaction and at the Auction.

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