Dentum Otak Teka Teki

Dentum Otak Teka Teki APK

About Dentum Otak

Train your brain and stimulate your imagination in decryption and word guessing!

Dentum Brain is a decryption game, also a new puzzle game. The incredible logic in the solution of each level really impresses you. If you are a smart and careful person, you will enjoy a relaxing time through solving guesses. In addition, you also need to test your mind with different thinking to solve complex puzzles.

Coins are very much needed in the game. It can be used to purchase clues or valuable items.

How to Play:

• Read the question and guess the answer.

• Place the letters into blocks in the correct order, and spell the hidden words.

• Guessing is easy at first, and the difficulty of guessing will continue to increase.

• 4 types of clues or items to help you solve difficult guesses: delete all uncertain letters in a block, reveal letters at random, reveal letters in a particular block, and reveal at least 3 letters.

• Coins can be used to purchase clues or items, and you can earn coin rewards after each level completion.

Game Features:

★ Free.

★ Easy operation, and operation with one hand.

★ Many levels.

★ No networking requirements: enjoy in the world of puzzles!

★ Can use coins to buy clues or items on difficult levels.

★ The higher the level number reached, the more difficult and exciting!

★ Difficult, challenging and interesting words.

★ You will get free hints or items every day to solve guesses.

If you are a careful person, good at thinking, and love puzzles, we recommend you and your friends to play Brain Dentum together. Let's guess who is smarter!

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