Destiny of Armor معركة العجائب

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About Destiny of Armor معركة العجائب

A strategy game which heroes with ancient mecha fighting against evil Telenomus.

Destiny of ArmorGame Features:

[Zero loss of training, more exciting battles]

Destiny of Armor is a late modern war strategy game. Under the game's innovative "zero-resource training force" mechanism, we bid farewell to the long training time and high resource investment, making the battle more strategic.

[Explore ancient civilizations & resist the Telenomus ]

The game tells the story of a group of heroes with different pasts and allies against the invaders. You will play as an independent armed military leader leading the people against the evil Telenomus. After accidentally obtaining the mysterious mecha in the Sumerian era, in order to master the super-high technology on the mecha, the protagonist sends troops to explore the ruins. Telenomus is constantly harassing the base. The protagonist needs to vigorously develop the army and strengthen the combat power to compete with it, in order to establish a new world order of peace based on the troubled times.

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