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About Detective Mehul

A Detective Story game where you can solve detective games and murder mysteries.

As a child we all dreamt of becoming a Detective and solving detective games and detective riddles.

We have created FREE Puzzles, Riddles, and Detective Stories to test your detective riddles and criminal case solving skills in a fun and animated way.

There are many mini detective games that will test your puzzle solving skills.

Detective Mehul is a crime investigation game that contains many short mystery riddles that are very challenging and will test your IQ and logical skills.

Characters -

Aalia - Detective Mehul’s assistant and assists him in crime investigation.

Scientist Bhulbhulaiyan - Scientist who creates interesting gadgets that helps Mehul fight the villains.

Doctor Sanjana - She helps Mehul in examining the crime scene and the clues.

Jaikaal - The main villain who always tries to destroy the city with his dangerous experiments.

Help Mehul and his team to solve murder cases, investigate crime scenes, identify the clues, interrogate the suspects, and catch the killer.

Detective Mehul is a free to play and one of the best investigation games.

Key features:

• Lots of brain games to test your detective skills

• Select the right answer from multiple choice

• Solve all riddles and become the next ultimate detective

• Interrogate witnesses and suspects

• Investigate the crime scenes

• Arrest the criminal

• CID like criminal cases

• Investigate Crimes

• You can play this detective game offline

Supported Languages:

• English

• Hindi

• French

• German

• Italian

• Dutch

• Spanish

• Portuguese

Are you ready to dive into the world of enthralling crime stories?

This game is made by MindYourLogic and Logical Baniya and was previously known as Mr. Detective: Detective games and Criminal Cases.

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