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About Digital Compass: Smart Compass

Simple & easy to use a compass app. Get accurate directions.

For outdoor activities, the GPS compass is the most precise, accurate, and smart compass for android.

You can easily find your way using the direction finder application. Accurate compass has an easy-to-use user interface. A compass navigation app for all Android devices will make your trip go more smoothly. Direction Compass for Android is used for searching and retrieving North, South, East, and West Directions, as well as latitude and longitude. Digital Compass is a compass app for Android. Use the most up-to-date equipment for your outdoor activities, including compass navigation for camping, picnics on the road, or boats. The smart compass has some features that provide valuable information like current location and weather updates. You may set your direction using the direction compass app by spinning the bezel or azimuth magnet. The digital compass for android is the perfect direction app that indicates the four cardinal directions.

? How to use

Make sure your phone is facing the ground. My Compass app can be used to get directions. Rotate the bezel until the magnetic needle is centered within the orienting arrow. Check the index line to see the bearing you've just captured.

? Some Important Modes

?Compass direction camera

Compass Camera allows you to add location coordinates, directions, dates, and times to your images. With my Compass cam, you can position yourself appropriately at your location. You can compare a satellite picture or map with an easy compass.

?Digital Compass

The Digital Compass for Android displays precise North, South, East, and West directions along with Longitude and Latitude in digital format. My Compass app is simple to operate. By turning the bezel, the digital compass determines the direction you are now looking at on the compass map.

?Standard Compass

A navigational compass: compass direction is installed in a suitable binnacle with the necessary correction mechanisms and supplied with a suitable azimuth reading device.

?Weather compass

The weather prediction for the next five days will be displayed in a smart compass. You can learn about the weather ahead of time, and plan your food, clothes, and transportation accordingly in compass 360

?Telescope compass

To quickly focus objects for better measurement, use a telescope camera in the digital compass app

?Satellite Compass

While utilizing the satellite compass on our compass app for instructions, you may see the precise location of your destination in easy compass.

?Night Mode

The direction compass also has a night option for finding directions at night.

?Features Compass - Digital Compass App:-

▪️ Digital Format

▪️ Accurate Compass shows extremely precise instructions.

▪️ Compass sensor shows the current location (longitude, latitude, address).

▪️ Easy to use my altitude app

▪️compass for direction

▪️ My Compass displays both magnetic and geographic north (true north).

▪️ Extremely smooth movement.

▪️ Sun and Moon positions

▪️ The magnetic field strength is displayed via the smart compass app.

▪️ Compatibility with digital formats.

▪️ Your current position is displayed on the compass map.

▪️ The magnetic compass app displays the intensity of the magnetic field.

▪️ Compass Offline does not require an internet connection.

▪️ Personalize the Accurate compass app clock to your liking.

▪️ Camera view.

▪️ Altimeter GPS compass

?App Permissions

After installation, only a few permissions are necessary for compass navigation. Access to photographs and videos is required, and location and coordinates are utilized to identify your direction.

⚠️ Caution

To read the earth's magnetic field, your equipment must have a MAGNETIC SENSOR. The 3D compass: my compass will not function if your smartphone lacks a magnetic sensor.

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