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Drive a cool dinosaur mechanical car games and start a wonderful adventure

DuDu drives a cool dinosaur mechanical car, and travel in the ancient and real natural world, start a wonderful and surprising journey!

DuDu's Dinosaur Digger game incorporates two elements of dinosaurs and machinery, ancient and modern, mysterious and technological, rich level design and interesting music scenes, allowing children to travel and gallop in the game adventure world of nature, dinosaurs and technology. Stimulate children's creativity and the spirit of exploring the unknown world.

In the mysterious and cool animation scene, children will return to the world of dinosaurs, choose a handsome dinosaur mechanical car, Triceratops, plesiosaurs, Tyrannosaurus rex, and explore in the unknown forest, land and sea . Various precious gems and lost dinosaur puzzles will be found during the travel expedition.

Children, choose a dinosaur mechanical car you like and start a mysterious ancient world adventure!


-Fantastic Adventure

-Super many scenes

-Rich levels

-Exquisite sound effects

Find luminous gems, mysterious dinosaur puzzles, rescue small underwater animals and other interesting tasks are waiting for you! There are also many interesting and fantastic scenes such as forest, land, ocean, outer space, etc., and rich level design. There are also three well-built dinosaur mechanical vehicles, each with its own characteristics. Exquisite sound effects, cool and cute sounds, interesting and fun! Come and download and experience it!

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