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About Divar

The leading classified ads platform in Iran

Install Divar on your smartphone now and join the 35 million Iranians using this app to buy and sell a wide variety of goods and services countrywide!

Divar has secured the largest user base of any e-commerce site and classified advertisements platform in Iran, in which a broad range of items are available for sell or purchase including the following categories:

o Properties: houses, apartments, villas, offices, lands, stores, etc.

o Vehicles: brand new, second-hand, classic, rental, etc.

o Digital and electronic devices: cellphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, game consoles, audio and video systems, etc.

o Home appliances: kitchen utensils, carpets, furniture, decorations, tools, etc.

o Services: catering, cleaning, amusement, digital devices and appliances maintenance and repair, finance and accounting, etc.

o Personal stuff: bags, shoes, clothes, cosmetics, kids wear, stationery, etc.

o Entertainment and leisure: tickets and tours, books and magazines, collections, musical instruments, sports equipment, etc.

o Social affairs: events, volunteer activities, lost and found, etc.

o Industry and business: equipment, machinery, wholesale, etc.

o Recruitment and employment: administrative and managerial, civil and construction, IT, finance and accounting, custodianship, etc.

Some features of Divar:

o Free advertising for personal users

o More than 180 categories for all kinds of goods and services

o Capability of promoting ads

o In-app chat for buyer-seller communication

o Ability to search multiple cities simultaneously

o 24/7 customer support

o User friendly and ease of use

o The most popular C2C platform in Iran

Divar customer support phone number: 021-43000300

Divar customer support email address: [email protected]

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