DIY Makeover: ASMR Mask 3D

DIY Makeover: ASMR Mask 3D APK

About DIY Makeover: ASMR Mask 3D

DIY Makeover salon. ASMR facemask making project. Makeup and Skincare.

If you're a fan of ASMR Skincare and Makeup Project! Then welcome to the world of DIY Face Mask Salon. With DIY Makeover: ASMR Mask 3D salon, you'll become a stylist who create a brand new skincare mask by yourself.

Anyone that face up with skin problems will probably know that acne, pores, eczema, too oily or extreme dry skin, swelling, cracking or scaliness are rivals of beauty. So lucky if you have a healthy skin, but if not, you definitely need a big makover to be perfect! It's very essential to build an asmr healthy skincare routine at home and know which type of makeup & skincare ingredients are suitable with your face skin. DIY Makeover: ASMR Mask 3D simulates a real salon that you'll use natural ingrediens such as avocado, coconut, cucumber, etc. and experience making and mixing them to create stunning 3D face mask. Surprised? Yes, all these kitchen ingredients will help make a fancy and satisfying face mask to upgrade your fabulous beauty!

First step to be a beauty queen is to have stunning skin! Let queeze acne and hear a realistic asmr sounds of diy tools. You can also become a professional stylist that help girls even boys visisting your salon to solve their skin problems of acne, uneven skin tone, and dullness on their face too! Besides, you can challenge yourself with unique ingredients that you never used before such as candy, ice cream, gold, diamond, coke, milk, and perfume to DIY a really special face mask. Surprising ingredients will amaze you and make you laugh all day!

How to play DIY Makeover: ASMR Mask 3D:

- Choose your favourite ingredients and suitable tools to diy face mask.

- Follow steps to create the cosmetics mask that will help your customer and give them a perfect look.

- Be careful when you slice foods and using kitchen tools.

- Complete all makeover and makeup steps with one finger.

Game Features DIY Makeover: ASMR Mask 3D:

- Relaxing and satisfying ASMR sound effects.

- Realistic 3D DIY mask making process.

- Stress relieving makeover and makeup ASMR games.

- Addictive and smoothing gameplay.

- Eye-catchy graphic.

- Tons of realistic beauty tools to makeover.

- A variety of skincare ingredients for you to become an awesome stylist.

- Unlimited naughty ingredients to troll friends.

Your customers are waiting. Install DIY Makeover: ASMR Mask 3D and start your DIY salon now!

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