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About Don't touch My phone

Be carefree of losing your phone with simple features of phone anti-theft

Are you afraid of losing/misplacing your phone? Do you feel someone will snoop on your mobile phone? Don’t touch my phone, Find Lost Phone is the end to your worries. Antitheft locate my device is a simple yet useful application allowing you to be carefree and focus on important issues.

We live in a smart age era. We all carry our lives on our smart phones or tablets. One moment of carelessness and we lose everything. Find your phone with Phone antitheft locate my phone application and be carefree from anxiety of losing our mobile devices.

Android Device Antitheft GPS tracking app not only keeps the phone safe from intruders/ thieves but in case of losing your device you can track and get back your phone. Intruder alert search my Phone has been very thoughtfully designed keeping in mind all the scenarios in which we can lose our phone.

Features of Don’t Touch my Phone:

Charging Detection Charger Removal Alert:

Charger removal alarm is a feature developed so that you can charge your phone or tablet freely in office, public places such as airports, bus stations, or metro stations.

Activate the charger removal feature and start charging your phone, as soon as someone removes the charger from the phone an alarm ring will go off scaring the intruder/thief and alerting you.

Motion Alert

Motion Alert is another useful anti-theft feature. When in office or busy in meeting concentrate on your work without having the stress of someone snooping on your phone.

Activate the feature and leave the phone. Your phone is now sensitive to the slightest motion, as soon as someone picks up the phone an alarm will go off. The intruder will get scared and you will be alerted to check on your phone.

Pocket Snatching Alarm:

While in the market or crowded places there are maximum chances of losing the phone. Removing a phone from a pocket or a purse is very much easy. But thanks to pocket snatching feature of don’t touch my phone application.

Activate the pocket snatching alarm feature and travel around freely in busy and crowded places. As soon as the phone/tablet is removed from pocket or purse a loud alarm will go off and scaring the pickpocket and you will get back your phone instantly.

GPS Phone Tracker Find Lost phone:

Get your current location on the map with a GPS phone tracker feature. This feature allows you to locate the current location of your phone with a single tap. We all have been through when we lose the track and want to know the exact location of our phone. GPS phone tracker is the feature that comes handy in such situations.

Share Location:

Find my smart device allows you to share the exact current location with friends and family members. This way we can stay in touch with our loved ones and travel anywhere care freely without worrying about our and the safety of our loved ones.

Alarm Settings of anti-thief Location Sharing:

Don’t touch my phone allows you to customize the app as per your requirement.

Ringtone: Change the alarm sounds as per your requirement. Choose the ringtones provided in-app or from the phone as per desire. Make sure that the alarm is loud enough to scare the intruder and alert you.

Sensitivity: Adjust the sensitivity of the features depending on your requirement. The more the sensitivity more the phone is sensitive towards small motion on the phone.

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