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About Dreams

Choose your own romantic episode with Dreams, change everything in story games !

What you can expect with Dreams:

• Design your own characteristic like dressing, hairstyle, appearance.

• Overcome problems, challenge destiny and gain your true love, friendship...

• Select your dream story from various books on our constant updated shelves.

• Dominant your fancy world by the immersive and interactive plot.

• Get along well with your Mr.right, in exciting, fantastic, or adventurous themes.

Our most popular stories include:

My vampire husband

You're an unfortunate girl who devote yourself to a strange man aims to save your ill brother, after experience a few, you surprisingly found this man is not only a CEO, but also a vampire. Will you still love him?

Don’t leave me, Mister

As a homeless high school student with nothing to lose, you are about to have a handsome and rich husband who is happy to provide you with excellent learning and entrepreneurial environment. Will you get romantic love with him and wonderful top life?

Tornado Love

As a has-been star, you find out your fiance cheated on you before the wedding. In order to revenge, you marry a man who is also abandoned as you. He's handsome and rich. While he seems to be cold, this man is definitely warm. Unfortunately it's just a contract marriage. Can you get the true love, and be revenge on your cheating ex-fiance and his mistress, and even have your performance career risen again?


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