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About Dumb Ways to Sleep

Your kid's sleep and wellness companion

Make bedtimes fun again! Join Klutz, Bozo and the Dumb Ways crew in this perfect night-time companion to help your kids get a restful sleep.

A free-to-try app, Dumb Ways To Sleep was produced in partnership with internationally-renowned childhood mindfulness and psychology experts, Peaceful Kids. The app is designed to promote restful sleep routines, mindfulness and emotional resilience and positive thinking.

The app features more than 100 pieces of content, including dozens of fully-voiced bedtime stories and other calming and fun tales available via subscription. Your kids will love the cute and endearing characters of the Dumb Ways universe while experiencing scientifically-proven methods to create a calm and relaxed bedtime environment.


Meet two new Dumb Ways to Sleep characters, Klutz and Bozo, as they travel to whimsical lands in five full-feature stories that include a lullaby. The app will:

- Help families build good bedtime routines

- Provide fun, engaging and educational multimedia experiences

- Showcase stunning art that both kids and parents can enjoy


Dumb Ways to Sleep features scientifically-grounded meditations and breathing exercises to help promote peace, balance and emotional well-being. Kids will:

- Learn how to reduce anxiety and stress

- Build emotional resilience

- Develop lifelong mindfulness and positive thinking skills


Every day is different and brings its own challenges. Dumb Ways to Sleep features dozens of unique audio and music tracks to help kids navigate life’s little moments including:

- Be mindful of emotions and negative feelings

- Understanding the importance of managing mental health

- Managing personal change


Make the bedtime routine a relaxing experience for the whole family. Dumb Ways to Sleep – Your kids’ perfect sleep and wellness companion.

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