e-Petrol APK

About e-Petrol

Mobile App designed specifically for fueling at KNPC Petrol Filling Stations

KNPC’s e-Petrol is the first user-friendly app for KNPC Petrol Filling Stations. Fueling has never been more fun and simple. Just locate the nearest KNPC Petrol Station and pay using your mobile.

Log into your personal account using the customer portal system , top-up your balance, and you’re good to go!


1. Locate the nearest KNPC Petrol Station.

2. Enter your location and pump number to authorize the pump to start fueling

3. The station Attendant will fuel your car.

4. You will receive a notification when the process is completed

Other Key features:

1. You can view your transactions history.

2. You can top-up your personal account.

3. You can check your current balance.

4. You can check your account status.

5. You can generate an E-voucher and send it to your family or friends.

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