Eatrip – To store hidden-gem

Eatrip – To store hidden-gem APK

About Eatrip – To store hidden-gem

Enables Making/Management/Share of hidden-gem restaurants only for me.

“What was the restaurant we have been before?” “Where was it?”

“You mean the restaurant that was in an alley?” “The name is on the tip of my tongue.”

We all have been there, aren’t we?

Did you blame your memory or SNS in which everything was mixed up?

You haven’t yet tried the app that organizes your tasty list simply and conveniently?

Now is the time to keep your tasty list and tasty map properly.

- Well-suited storage and note-making of restaurants and cafeteria by inputting rough information

- Separate handling of “have been” and “to be”

- Checking of tasty list with various methods of view (list or map)

- Sharing of my gourmet list with acquaintances

- View other users’ hidden-gem restaurants in square (the tasty nearby restaurant, Tasty meeting, persons)

- Enables private handling of my gourmet restaurants in private account

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