About EDF

Managing your energy is simple with our EDF app.

• Register for or log into your online account

• Use fingerprint recognition to log in quickly and securely

• Switch easily between your accounts or properties

• Check your account balance, payment and tariff details

• View your bills and payments history

• Receive notification alerts and reminders

• Make payments in an instant

• Submit your meter readings

• View messages and documents we’ve sent

• Renew or change your tariff

• Share your unique link to refer a friend

• Get help fast – check our FAQs, or send us a message

Energy Hub (for smart meters)

• See how much energy you’ve used and what it costs

• Get an energy breakdown on things like heating and cooking

• Get personalised tips to help you save energy and money

Pay As You Go (for smart meters)

• Check your balance and top up your meter

• Set auto top-ups or get low-balance alerts

• View your top-up history

Do you have a traditional prepayment meter? Sorry, the app won’t work for meters that don't allow online top-ups – but you can log in or sign up to MyAccount to manage other aspects of your account online.

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