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The Most Advanced Indoor Air Quality Detector

The Healthy Home Begins with EdiGreen Home.

Indoor air quality is a critical factor affecting our health as we spent a significant amount of time indoor! But how do you tell if the air you are breathing is good or bad?

EdiGreen Home is your best air quality check solution - with visible figures / display -. That intuitively simplifies data reading to allow all efforts to be invested into improving indoor air quality The EdiGreen Home, Smart Air-Quality Detector with multi-sensors, can detect more than ten harmful pollutants such as PM2.5, PM10, HCHO, CO2 & TVOC. With quick-glance LED and EdiGreen Home app real-time data, the unit is quick at displaying pollution levels, giving you and your family time to react to air quality threats.

Thanks to its elegant design with stand / wall-mount, the EdiGreen Home fits in any stylish modern home.

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