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Educational games for kids 2-4 APK

About Educational games for kids 2-4

Educational games for kids and toddlers, boys and girls, kindergarten 2-5 years

Every parent wonders: which educational games for kids are actually useful? The answer is simple: choose toddler learning games developed by a teacher! Our app can be used as one of the preschool games to boost early development of logic, attention, motor skills, and memory. Your toddler will easily learn colors, numbers, shapes and animals in playful interactive ways of mazes, cards and pop it! Get a full set of various free learning games for kids in one single app, including everyone’s favorite dinosaur games’ for kids.

Here are some age tips, yet we encourage you to try all the modes and choose what works best for your toddler.

Baby games for one year olds

✔ Guess who – this game will introduce the child to different animals through an exciting process of discovery: scratch off the picture cover, and guess who is hiding there. It's one of the easiest infant games, suitable for our youngest players from the age of one. Bonus hidden cute dino characters will surely cause an outburst of joy.

Toddler games for 2 year olds

✔ Puzzles are the most suitable types of 2 year old games. Discover dinosaurs, animals living on a farm or in Africa, and find out what they eat. Our puzzles develop logic, concentration, and memory through geometric shapes and numbers.

Toddler games for 3 year olds

✔ Underwater maze – help the fish to swim through the water maze from start to end. Burst bubbles, have fun and get excited together with your kid.

✔ Forest maze – guide an animal through the enchanted forest while listening to the rustling of grass, falling leaves and apples.

✔ Round or square maze – your choice. Dealing with different shapes of labyrinth develops comprehensive thinking.

✔ Numbers – this toddler game helps learn numbers from 1 to 9 by counting boxes that are falling from the sky.

✔ Memory training through memory cards is one of the most popular types of kids matching games, where they need to open two identical cards in a row. Memory cards are an excellent example of useful learning games for toddlers.

Educational games for kids 5 years old

✔ Matching games for kids with many cards – the older the child, the more cards you can choose to play. Start with 10 cards in toddler games for 4 year olds, and increase up to 20 cards for older kids. The dinosaur card set is available for free in this mode.

Pop it or simple dimple

✔ "Pop it" is the latest trend in fun kid games, which your toddler will fall in love with. Not only can it be popped, but also turned over and moved!

Bonus mode for Moms

✔ We have made a special bonus mode to please moms! Try it when you need a bit of cheer up! We hope this puts a big smile on your face and brightens your day! :)

Our educational games for kids were created by qualified teachers and psychologists. If you need to keep your kids busy – they can play our games for toddlers alone, but we strongly recommend playing toddler learning games together with your child for best results in terms of early childhood development and preparation for kindergarten. Visuals for our free games for kids were developed by a professional designer, so they will not only entirely captivate all the attention of your child, but also spark creativity and artistic view.

Learn numbers, shapes, dinosaurs, animals in a fun way together! Our free toddler games are perfect for kids ages 2-5 and considered to be kindergarten learning games to build foundational skills, necessary for future education.

? Our fun games for kids don’t contain advertising! Educational apps for kids free of ads is our credo!

? Our kids games no wifi, which means they can be played offline without Internet access!

? You can download our set of preschool games for free with many modes included, and unlock all the games for babies with an in-app purchase.

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