Elemental Titans 3D Idle Arena

Elemental Titans 3D Idle Arena APK

About Elemental Titans

Choose your Element and wage war against Darkness in this 3D Fantasy RPG!

---Game Features---

Summon – Collect – Enhance!

Over 50 heroes in seven elemental factions. Build the ultimate formations and venture through the endless journey. Unlock Faction Aura by setting up three or more heroes of the same faction in one team to release Titans full power!

What’s different from other idle RPG

Simple 3D Controls & Real-Time Combat! Elemental Titans creates a unique 3D circular arena where players control their team with a swipe of a finger! This allows for the battlefield to effectively gain spatial depth, creating many extraordinary mechanics.

Classic Puzzles and Mini-games

Multiple puzzles and mini games in Elemental Titans! Rise to the top with Dragon Jump, or run the mile with Frog Hurdles; Try your luck at Sinopoly or the Mines!

Raise Pets Too!

Blizzard phoenix, stellar deer, thunder duck, and dragons! Hatch Animon Eggs and raise those spiritual beings! They will surely be a strong aid in battles!

Non-stop Raids and Dungeons

Enjoy raids and dungeons with the unique 3D mechanics. Elemental Titans’ co-op and party raids sometimes get pretty crazy! These are the main endgame content for all players to earn their spotlight! Do you wanna raid a dungeon?




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