Epic Cards 18+ 21+ For Adults

Epic Cards 18+ 21+ For Adults APK

About Epic Cards

?An adult game that will help you have fun in the company of friends.

The rules of the Epic Cards game are very simple. The game has more than 500 different cards in which questions and tasks are posted. First you need a company of two people and the installed game "Epic Cards" 18+ 21+ For Adults?. Further, the participants alternately choose what to do: openly answer an uncomfortable question or do something crazy and funny.

If the participant does not complete the task, then he will have to complete the punishment! Check weak, are you weak?!

A free game for adults will help to remove embarrassing tension at the first meeting or to set people up for a relaxed atmosphere. With the help of 18+ cards, guys will get a chance to quite rightly “probe” a girl they like, and with 21+ they generally ? ? ..

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