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Get back in time and escape from the Mist

escape game: MIST ~in a clear sky and time~


It's a simple room escape game where you look for clues to escape hidden in the MIST and solve the mystery.

Try to get back in time and escape from the MIST!

[ Features ]

- Easy to start for first players. Challenge!

- Easy to operate with just a tap

- Solve tricks all over the place to find various items

- Multiple endings based on item completion status

- Autosave function

- The keyword is "TIME "

[ How to play ]

- As you tap the screen, you investigate the areas of interest

- Change the scene easily with tab the screen or arrows

- When you're in trouble, hints will help you get through it

- Use a compass to check the time and direction

- Enjoy 3 different endings


Please enjoy the slightly unusual world of playPLANT.

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