Escape Puzzle:Room with a lamp

Escape Puzzle:Room with a lamp APK

About Escape Puzzle:Room with a lamp

Escape game. solve the mystery and escape from Room with a lamp!

Escape from Room with a lamp,
Solve a easy mystery and escape game, point and click game.

Difficulty is easy to medium.

It is a slightly short escape game.

Solve the mystery and escape,
Mysteries, brain training, puzzles, iQ tests, trivia, quizzes, etc.
This is a game that even those who like games that use the brain can enjoy!

It is designed so that anyone can enjoy it.
You can play it carefully, or you can kill time while commuting to work or school!

The operation method is also simple.

It has the following features:

・Auto save function
・Hint function.
・You can play for free until the end.

how to play

・Tap to check various places.
- Occasionally picks up items.
・Some of the items you pick up can be selected and used.
・You can also use items for the items you picked up.
・I think that you can intuitively understand the operation method.

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