Escape Quest Police Car Chase

Escape Quest Police Car Chase APK

About Escape Quest

Feel the heat of the chase, you are WANTED and you have to ESCAPE!

Escape and survive! The police cars are on your heels as a wanted criminal and the road to freedom is bumpy! Try to outrun the police chase, avoid the tricky obstacle course and collect that dough, that juice, them money! to boost your performance. Show off your mad driving skills, flaunt epic cars (24 unlockable models!), do stunts and trick the police to collide with each other and the obstacles. Enjoy making fool of the cops but don’t get too caught up - you can get into accidental car demolition show yourself.

Can you survive the chase adventure? Escape from police cars and avoid obstacles.

Avoid crashes, pick up power-ups and get points to win the game. Master and unlock all premium vehicles. Top the charts!


- Exciting missions to collect the rewards!

- 25 amazing cars with unlockable premium models. All different in style, speed and sturdiness. Find your favorite!

- Left-right game controls for best performance

- Compatible with every device

- Tricky cityscape environment

- New, improved gameplay and user interface

We always give our all for you to have the best gaming experience, should you have any issues please contact us [email protected]

Thank You.

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