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Many Mind Games in 1 App! Play your favorites: Hashtag, Crossword & Word Search

Many Games, Daily Challenges, and Lots of Fun - All in just one app.

Everyday Puzzles is a game to challenge yourself, have fun with your friends, and keep your knowledge up to date. Stay updated - some news is coming soon * -*

Crossword, Word Search, Password, Hashtag, Cladder, Sudoku, and Tangle. All these incredible games are part of Everyday Puzzle. With these puzzle games, you can challenge friends, guess the answers, improve spelling, and beat them.

More than crossword, a spelling game, Sudoku, and a Word Search - Everyday Puzzles is a free game in the world of word games.

Many puzzle games in only one app: Crossword, Word Search, and Sudoku, to the hottest spelling games - Cladder and Password (wordle fans love it).


The famous word-guessing puzzle game will test your knowledge. Need help to find the answer and the correct term? Use power-ups to save time and move on to the next challenge.


Unlike crossword or Sudoku, you have 60 seconds to guess the spelling of different terms in this mode. During this time, you have a clue and must change one letter of the word at a time to get the proper word, then move on to the following term to continue spelling. Need help to advance in these puzzles? You'll have two chances to skip the word, but don't lose time!


These are a letter connect and word finder game. In Word Search find the answers to the puzzle. Find the words from the scrambled letters on the board. Daily challenges are themed puzzles, while the unlimited mode is random boards!


Whether you compete in Word Search or Crossword challenges, the hashtag is only for the best in spelling game puzzles. In this game mode, you'll have 12 moves to put the letters in the right place to get the correct spelling and guess the 4 words in the shape of a # hashtag.


You're good at Crosswords and Word Search and games of puzzles, but what about numbers? Sudoku is a numerical puzzle based on logical reasoning; your goal is to put numbers 1 to 9 in the cells of the grids.

PASSWORD: WORD GAME (and wordle alike!)

6 attempts to answer 1 word. Similar to wordle: In how many tries can you guess this challenge? Can you guess the answer in fewer attempts? Initially, in these wordle like puzzles, you'll have blank letter tiles, like in Crossword, and with a specific number of letters, try spelling a word and see the result. Green letters mean you found the right place; yellow letters that you found a letter of the word but not in the right place; and gray letters show you're far away from the answer to the puzzle…


Untangle the words! Change one letter of the word above each time until you reach the answer. You can only change one letter at a time. Make your tangle path! But try to get to the tangle answer in the least amount of moves possible.

Everyday Puzzles also feature:


With the flames you can show how far you can go with your daily streak. To light it up, play the Daily Challenges or Unlimited Mode. For each consecutive day, you play, your flame increases by one level. Didn't complete the challenges today? It goes back to the previous level. How long can you keep it up?


How many Crosswords and Sudoku have you completed? And Tangle or Word Searches? Are you excellent at spelling games and other puzzles like Sudoku? In how many attempts did you find the word in the Password mode? Share them with your friends, create challenges, or stream live.


Take on these challenges —many games in one app. Don't know what to do in a Crossword or Word Search? There's a button to answer your spelling questions.


Everyday Puzzles is a free game, made by the 5-star word game company Fanatee - creator of the free games CodyCross: Crossword, Word Lanes: Puzzles (Word Search alike), Crossword: LunaCross, and Stop - Word Game!

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