About extraMANN

extraMANN network promoted by the National Archaeological Museum of Naples - MANN

The extraMANN app of the National Archaeological Museum of Naples - MANN promotes the network of realities that enhance the immense cultural heritage of the Naples area.

The MANN, constantly engaged in strengthening and consolidating its ties with the territory and with the community, represents a cultural reference both for the extraordinary works it hosts, and for the ability to promote the varied, articulated and very rich cultural offer of the city to visitors and to the Neapolitan citizens.

The extraMANN APP shows you the map of the PLACES of this network with all the information, it offers you ITINERARIES between them and the EVENTS that take place in them.

The APP also invites you to tell your experience not only by adding photos, videos and audio to the PLACES and following the ITINERARIES proposed by the extraMANN network, but also by creating new places and new routes.

You too can, in a simple and dynamic way, create maps and tell your experience.

In this way you will not only participate in narrating - together with others - the material and intangible cultural heritage of Naples by contributing to a collective map, but you will also have your own maps with the contents and paths traced.

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