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About FaceSwapper

Customize Face Changer & Funny Avatar Animator: merge your face with celebrities

Want to make realistic AI face-swapping videos, or experience being a movie superstar? Have unlimited fun on FaceSwapper!

FaceSwapper is a powerful face changer app that lets you customize a face swap video of your choice. As one of the best deepfake face swap apps, this AI composite video app allows you to add your own face to any photo or video, and you can select each photo or video to merge your face into it.

Secondary creations turned into funny videos to share on social media like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Download it now and experience the fun of one-click face changing.

Celebrity Lookalike

Replace your face with a celebrity, star, movie character, and more with our high-tech face swapping technology. Use face changer to change face in photo or video. You will be the protagonist of the movie! Turn into an Avatar to start a fantasy adventure, or go on a romantic date with the character from Titanic.

Deep Fake Face Swap

FaceSwapper is an AI composite video app and face changer, advanced technology allows you change faces for videos, photos or any other digital content. Deepfake face combiner will impress you. It also supports multiple characters changing faces at the same time, up to six. Combine your face or swap face in videos, photos, images and more with the magic deep fake face app.

Funny Clips

Create funny face short videos or photos, or use funny face morphing memes on face apps. Support gender swap. Easily edit and share your hilarious clips or AI composite videos on social media with just a few clicks. You can transform into the world-famous Mona Lisa, or into a game character, and quickly become popular on social networks.

Safe To Use

FaceSwapper will not collect your face information, nor will it send face information to the server. All operations can be completed offline on the client's side, which is safe, fast and stable. Don't hesitate to create face changing videos or AI composite videos with FaceSwapper!

Please choose a video or photo that contains a frontal face, the effect of face swapping will be better! If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Terms of Use: https://rc.facereplacerext.com/web/h5template/d7ad40ad-be35-4dd2-9c39-dbc17825dc11-language=en/dist/index.html

Privacy Policy: https://rc.facereplacerext.com/web/h5template/8794bffd-0f7d-4b04-bef7-e3f1c34a7e43-language=en/dist/index.html

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