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Try to make as many words as possible from the 7 letters provided.

Make the Words. Try to make as many words as possible from the 7 letters provided. Make Words is a word game, one of the best puzzle game of word games on the market that can produce addiction.

Objective of the game is to make as many as possible of words using 7 formite case.

Key features of Make Words.

* The different timing options.

* More 'than 15,000 different combinations of letters

* Option Tips

* Full description of each word

* Save / Auto Continue

* Global Scoring System

* Attractive Graphics

Make Words will give you many, many hours of fun.

When guess a word, get extra points and time. You'll get extra points if you guess all the words! If you guessed a few words and you can not imagine anything else, you can press the "Give Up" (Waiver) and will open the card with the hidden words. The words that you have not guessed are marked in red. If a word is unknown to you, you can tap the word to see its definition.

You can compete with thousands of other fans to Make Words with Global Scoring System (Global Scoring System). It can be a great challenge for you.

There 'option Hint (Tip) to help you guess the hidden words. Open a single letter at random for each hidden word. The suggestion is activated as soon as you can guess 50% of the hidden words.

This game will be useful for people who want to improve their French. If you like word games, Make Words you will definitely like.

Make Words uses a dictionary that contains nouns, verbs, plurals and even some rare words.

But in any case you can look up the definition of each word you want.

When looking to guess words with a length of 3 letters, you'll get 3 points and another 10 seconds.

Similarly word with 4 letters length you'll get 4 points and additional 15 seconds,

A word with 5 letters length'll get 5 points, and another 20 seconds.

A word length of 6 letters you'll get 6 points and a further 25 seconds.

If you are looking for a good pun, Make Words and 'what is needed!

We hope that you like to play with this game !!!

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