Enter the GAMES and ecosystem of the No. 1 Freak Fight Federation in Europe!

Combination of arcade mobile games, the usability of FAME TOKENS, and prizes to be won at every FAME gala!

With the FAME MMA APP, you enter even deeper into the world of FAME! With the FAME PASS, you get access to randomly assigned special rounds, NFT AIRDROPS, and unique gloves. Special rounds are dedicated, randomly assigned games with unique prizes at stake, such as PPV codes, tickets to an upcoming gala, VIP tickets to the gala, and FAME Tokens.

In the main section of the FAME MMA APP, you will find a space dedicated to mobile games:


During each round, the punches the player delivers are being counted. They must be quick and precise, depending on the side the opponent is currently blocking. Each successive round is more difficult, and the score is counted from all flawless rounds. The number of points scored in a game is the number of punches hit, and fired at the right time. Giving away blows too slowly means K.O.! The victory is in your hands - you must be fast and accurate for victory, glory, and fame!


Come face to face with the mighty owners of FAME in arm wrestling! Keep the pointer on the green field to tip the balance of victory to your side! Remember that each new opponent is an entirely new challenge in which you will have to demonstrate even more skills!

In the store you will find:

- a unique collection of gloves, allowing you to personalize the game in the way that suits you best at any time!

- FAME BOXES from which you can receive gloves, and boosters to increase your chances of winning the competition!

- a place where you can exchange FAME TOKENS for PPVs!

An important part of the FAME MMA APP is also the inventory, where all the items you purchase, earn and win will go!

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