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Screen Time, Monitor Web, Block Apps & Games, Family Locator, and Tracker.

FamilyTime Parental Control & Screen Time App makes parenting easier with daily screen time limits, app monitoring, including Tiktok and YouTube, app blocking, kid tracking, family mode, porn blocking, and more.

- Screen Time Control: Set a schedule for when your children can access their devices. FamilyTime automatically blocks the device after the set time has passed.

- Web Monitoring & Parental Filters: Tracks and controls what your kids access on the internet, including delicate content and adult content filter.

- Family Locator & GPS Family Tracker: Tracks your kid's phone and sends you the GPS locations

- Family Pause: Instantly Lock Devices of your kid. Perfect when you feel they should disconnect from their devices.

Start by downloading this FamilyTime Parental Control App on your device. Then download the Kids App FamilyTime Jr. app onto your child’s devices. Together, the apps allow you to seamlessly manage your child’s daily screen time allowance on the linked mobile or tablet across platforms, including Android, iOS, and other major operating systems, for better app control and monitoring.

FamilyTime Premium family screen time app:

Enjoy everything you get in the family screen time app:

✓ Set and manage daily screen time limits with its screen time blocker

✓ Block websites or categories (games, gambling, porn blocking)

✓ Website monitoring, search, and app control

✓ Safe search to block adult or porn sites

✓ New YouTube Monitoring

✓ New Tiktok Monitoring

✓ Best in-class Family Locator geolocation tracker

✓ App blocker (block by app, not just category)

✓ 30-day screen time history reporting

✓ Activate an SOS button that alerts family members

✓ Priority Parental Control support

✓ Priority access to new features

✓ Link more devices for full family mode & family locator

The all-new Family Locator, a mobile GPS tracker conveniently built into the FamilyTime Parental Control & Screen Time App, lets you find your family’s phones, locate the whole family on the move, add favorite places, and share locations.

How to protect, block, & monitor screen time with family parental controls:

1 – First, download FamilyTime Parental Control App on your device (usually your mobile phone or laptop), create an account, or log in

2 – Then install the FamilyTime Jr. app on the device you want to supervise.

3 – Log in and follow the quick setup instructions.

4 – Once done, inappropriate websites will be blocked automatically.

5 – To monitor activity and screen time, use this FamilyTime Parental Control App on a Parent’s device or log in to your online FamilyTime dashboard (


Is there any fee for installing FamilyTime on a parent device? Absolutely not! FamilyTime is free for all parent devices. You can install our app on more than one parent’s device without paying a dime!

Which OS Does the FamilyTime app work on? FamilyTime app supports Android 6 or higher

What languages do you support? FamilyTime is available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Japanese, Turkis, Finnish, Arabic, and Chinese.

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