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Fetchie Shop Smart, Save More APK

About Fetchie

Track, Compare & Save! Get alerts on price drops. Shop smarter with Fetchie!

Price drops for your favourite products happen all the time. Wouldn’t you want to be the first one notified? Now you can, with Fetchie - your personal price tracker, you can see price drops on your favourite products and save money on your next purchases.

Fetchie is a price tracking app that lets you track products from any store, whether it be fashion, technology, or even groceries. Browse online as you usually would from your favourite browser, and if you see something you like, simply send it to Fetchie from the share menu. Fetchie will watch out and alert you on price drops, so you can always buy at the lowest price and stay within budget.

It's super fast and easy to transform your online shopping experience today with Fetchie. Never worry about wasting time searching for discounts and promos ever again.

Here are some features that will ease your online shopping experience.

TRACK PRICE CHANGES - Browse stores on your favourite browser as you usually would, and when you see an item of interest, tap the share button to share the product with Fetchie. Fetchie will add that to your Fetchlist and bring back all relevant pricing information for you to keep a track.

BUY AT THE RIGHT TIME - Fetchie will automatically note the price fluctuations on your desired products and visualise them on a graph to provide insights into pricing trends. With Fetchie, you know exactly when it’s the right time to shop and stay savvy!

GET ALERT WHEN THERE IS A SALE - You’ll be the first one notified when a product you are watching goes on sale. Fetchie will send you alerts so you can head straight to the store and get the best price.

KEEP YOUR DATA PRIVATE - The app, devoid of third-party tracking and targeted ads, lets you save specific items you want to buy instead of seeing random products like a typical price comparison website.

PERSONALISE YOUR WISH LIST - Keep all your items in beautifully organised lists and save time chasing down websites. With Fetchie, you can organise your shopping list, create one for your weekly grocery shopping, your next holiday to Bali, or start Christmas shopping in July.


Our furiendly team is busy building more exciting features. Follow us on social media to hear about our upcoming features. Below are some of the features we are planning to release very shortly.

Explore Products - What better way to sniff out the latest deals than hearing them from the people around you? Explore products other savvy shoppers are watching in your area. Experience the power of social shopping.

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