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About Fill Lunch Box

Be a good organizer to fill up the lunch box.Enjoy the ASMR organizatoin games!

Ready to be the best organizer? Let's prepare the lunch box for school! In this lunch box organization game, you need to play the role of a lunch organizer, arrange each lunch neatly, put each lunch ingredient in a specific location, customize a clean, tidy, and refreshing lunch box. The simple wood grain background, the lunch boxes with various shapes and moderate colors, and the layout of different division methods are full of unexpected surprises everywhere.

- Game Features:

Compared with similar sorting games, the difficulty of "Fill Lunch Box" is easier. Many foods can coexist in the same grid, and you can easily complete the level even if you place them randomly.

As the difficulty of the game increases, you'll need to keep improving your food packing skills to become the best breakfast ASMR packing lunchbox organizer.

The 3D cartoon style and first-person perspective bring players an immersive experience, and special effects such as the gloss on the lunch box and the shadow of the food are also readily available. Sushi, sashimi, cakes, strawberries, sandwiches, kiwi, dried fruits and other foods make up the most common meal in the lunch box.

If you are a fan of tidying and storage games, if you have a soft spot for making western-style lunches, if you like simple decompression games, then please don't miss our "Fill Lunch Box"!

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