Film it — Video Recorder

Film it — Video Recorder APK

About Film it

Camera application with different types of graphic overlays

This camera application is focused on video recording to capture unforgettable moments of your life in any place around the world.

Graphic overlays can be added to improve viewer experience to make videos (sporting event, concert, conference, worship service, vlog, stream, advertisement, news, guide, wedding) more interesting and easier to understand.

It is a good way to introduce someone, show news using creeping line, add logo to tell about your brand, show fullscreen image to fill the pause, add video to show some story, show scoreboard or leaderboard, etc.

? It's time to Film it, сreative сontent сreator!


In free version:

● switching cameras during recording;

● media folder selection (including external SD card);

● adaptive bitrate;

● video quality setup;

● audio capture from external microphone;

● delayed video capture;

● Chromebook support;

● optimized UI for tablets and foldables;

● 3-axis gimbal stabilizer support.

In paid (Pro) version:

● background video capture;

● live stream backup;

● image settings setup;

● adding overlays (text/image/video/PDF/timer/leaderboard/scoreboard) on video/photo;

● adding audio on video;

● audio mixer;

● screen capture with overlays;

● drawing on video/photo;

● saving video/photo to hidden folder;

● grouping overlays in scenario;

● prompter;

● replay;

● video record pause/resume.

These features allow to create videos ready to post without additional editing to save your time.

There is free trial available to try all these features.

❗Please note that some manufacturers block usage of some features even if device supports it on hardware level, such as image stabilization, frame rate (60 fps and more), zoom camera.

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