Find Lost Phone Theft Protects

Find Lost Phone Theft Protects APK

About Find Lost Phone Theft Protects

Clap phone locator and whistle to find mobile with anti theft protection

Clap phone finder and Whistle phone locator with anti theft alarm for mobile security

Whistle & Clap phone finder anti theft protection is phone tracker by voice which loudly ring the stolen phone and trace your lost phone by whistle and clap to find phone as a cell phone tracker lost device finder by clap.

Clap phone finder start beeping on clap as a gadget finder by clapping & find my phone by whistle which buzz alarm on whistle voice as a find mobile by whistle anti-theft protector. Clap phone locator lost gadget finder app protect phone from stolen as anti theft alarm lost phone finder whistle to find my phone help when you forget phone some where, you only need to clapping to find mobile. Clap phone finder lost android device searcher by whistle app work without GPS navigation to find your phone and help you to protect your phone stolen from back pocket or from bag.

Whistle phone finder or clap to find my phone is a cellular device locator by whistle sound detection. Phone finder app also called as mobile device finder by clap let you to find phone when you lost cell phone in living room or at office as whistle mobile finder with android device locator and gadget finder is offline phone tracker by whistle.

Phone tracking by voice make very easy to find lost mobile as an android phone tracker by clap. Activate motion anti-theft protection feature which is alert you by alarm when any unknown person try to move your phone from one place to another. if you do not know where is your mobile then no need to worry, you just need to clap or make whistle sound for finding lost android mobile as a device finder. Anti-theft mobile features make this whistle to find mobile or clap to find my phone with sound lost phone locator offline app unique so by using these features you can protect your phone from lost.

With voice phone finder or by whistle lost mobile locator you do not need to worry about how to find stolen mobile? Or can search my phone if I lost my cell phone at home because this anti-theft protection cell phone finder you can find lost android phone by whistling. Clap to find lost cell phone app very easy to use all features and user friendly interface.

Pocket protection feature phone buzz with full volume even in silent or vibrate mode and only you can stop the alarm by entering pin code, pattern, password or fingerprint.

Anti theft alarm phone finder notify you when anyone try to steal phone from bag or remove from charging this phone security protection feature prevent thieves to steal phone on bus station or at public places.

Find lost phone by whistle as well as clap mobile locator with anti theft app features:

• Whistle phone finding offline with sound to find lost device.

• Charging protection is anti theft alarm prevent mobile or tablet from steal.

• Motion security protection provide safety to your phone from stolen.

• Theft protection cell phone finder by clapping.

• Pocket theft protection ring loudly on stolen.

• Clap to find lost phone buzz sound so you easily seek your lost mobile.

• Enable whistle find phone feature and make yourself tension free from misplaced phone finding with lost mobile tracker by voice app.

• Lost device finder by voice help you to find your lost mobile.

Record Audio Permission Used

This Permission is required for detecting whistle and clap voice so that you can easily find your phone by clapping and whistle voice.

Device Admin Permission Used

For enabling pocket protection feature & prevent thief to steal phone from your bag or pocket, this application need "android.permission.BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN" permission for preventing intruder uninstalling this app and for uninstallation of this app, you first need to disable this permission, for this go to Setting > Security > device administration and deactivate the permission.

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