Find the Differences

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About Find the Differences

Compare two pictures & tap the difference

Can you spot all the unsimilar details? Great photo hunt game for your leisure time. You can spend it with benefits: training your brain and logical thinking, focus on details. Gameplay is as simple and intuitive as possible: compare two seemingly identical pictures, concentrate on the hidden tiny details, tap on the areas that are different to mark them when you find them. Enjoy your time playing games while you are relaxing. Test your detective skills.

Features of the game:

Zoom in or out the picture and don’t miss even the tiniest elements.

Play easy and hard levels to sharpen your mind. You will become a true detective because the game is really addictive and develops your skills.

Use unlimited hints if you get stuck. All the images will be solved and you will not miss any thrilling level!

Daily challenges with new beautiful pictures every day. Win it and improve your searching and concentration skills!

No timer! Take your time to find spots that aren’t similar in the pictures and photos.

Absolutely free game. Play our puzzle game anytime and everywhere online and offline!

Progress saves automatically

Takes up a little space on your device

Explore 1000+ nice and colorful high-quality pictures and photos. It is literally hours of fun and entertainment!

Detect even those differences which are hidden really well. It will help you increase your attentiveness and memory. Relax and have fun while playing the puzzle game! Download it and play the fabulous and addictive puzzle game!

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