Finding 3 numbers

Finding 3 numbers APK

About Finding 3 numbers

Find the three numbers where the added value is the set value.

1 .Game content

Find three consecutive numbers where the addition value is the value set in the game.

We have prepared a short video so please use it. Video size: 1.8MB

* Example when the value of addition is 5

The numbers you find are a combination of 311 and 221.

2. Addition value

The value of addition starts from 5.

If you can find all the places, the addition value will increase by 1 in the next game, up to a maximum of 30.

3. About three consecutive numbers

The answer is a set of three consecutive numbers. There are 10 sets of answers in the matrix.

A set of numbers may overlaps in rows, columns, or rows and columns.

If the value of addition is 5, for example, there are 2 sets of numbers to be the answer for 4 consecutive numbers such as 2212.

4. If you press a number that is not correct

The answer will be incorrect, and the numbers you have already found will be cleared.

And you will have to start over from the beginning.

5. End of game

If you find 10 places within 10 minutes, the game will end.

The game will end after 10 minutes.

You can end the game by pressing the END button even during the game.

6. Game initialization

You can initialize the game by pressing and holding the reset button.

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