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About FindWord

Fascinating daily word puzzle. ?? Made in Ukraine

FindWord is a daily puzzle game. Every day you will get a set of 144 randomly chosen letters. Your task is to find among them eligible English words 3-7 letters long as many as possible. Every player gets an identical set of letters on the same date. Therefore, you can challenge your friends and family members.

FindWord is about digging words like finding grains of gold (or even nuggets) in an ore. Moreover, along with physical exercises, training the brain might help you to maintain your mental health for longer.

How to play:

- To choose a word, tap on the letters that make up the word, then tap on the "Submit" button to write down the found word.

- The letter you choose is highlighted in blue, and the green letters are the next possibilities. You can choose the nearby letters only, except the ones chosen before.

- To cancel the chosen letter tap on it. To cancel an incorrect word tap on the "Submit" button.

Solving tips:

- Try not to find all the words at once, it's rather difficult. Since there are 24 hours for one puzzle, you have plenty of time. So, take some breaks between the tries. Oddly, but in this case, interstitial ads will help you to get some rest and regain focus.

- First, you will see a lot of short words, but after a few tries you'll be able to hunt up 6-7 letters words.

- You should persist. When started with a few dozen suggestions, it would seem like you're exhausted, but after some tries, you will catch hundreds of words.

If this daily game is not enough for your voracious intellect, you can purchase FindStar - an ad-free version with unlimited games.

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