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About fish trace

fish trace – fishing journal / statistic for the modern fisherman, angler.

fish trace – the fishing journal / stats for modern anglers

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A fishing journal / fish counter is a powerful tool for anglers to record catches including additional information, to draw out conclusions about the behavior of fishes.

Based on this we built the app, record catches fast with automated data such as weather and the GPS location.

Fish trace also works perfectly offline with the restriction that the weather data cannot be determined automatically.

Additional Information

Now you can easily record all the important statistics about your catch. The following data can be registered on a per fish basis:

• Type of fish and number of fishes

• Length and weight

• Body of water

• Water depth and temperature (optional)

• Weather conditions (automated, optional)

• GPS Position (automated, optional)

• Picture (optional)

• Technique (optional)

• Comments (optional, e.g. bait, equipment)

Users can always search through registered fish and view details about the catch. With a single click, selected fish can be uploaded to, shared with other fishermen and entered into competitions.

The app is simplified and personalized with the fisherman’s name (nickname), the bodies of water, the most common types of fish and user photos. There are also added functions for managing the app, such as:

• Export of statistics, edit data on a computer

• Clear (reset) the statistics

• Feedback (of all kinds)

• Backup and restore the app data, i.e. when you are replacing your device

A detailed description is available on our website

Starting with a crazy idea, now there is finally a fisherman’s app and website, for and from fishermen! The app is free of charge and the project is completely non-profit. The truest reward will be when lots of fishermen showcase their best catches from around the world.

To motivate our audience, we will do our best to launch sponsored competitions which will then be decided by user reviews.

Feel free to contact us at any time here:

Many thanks, and here’s hoping for great fishing moments, shared with us all on Fish Trace.

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