Flying Superhero Rescue Missio

Flying Superhero Rescue Missio APK

About Flying Superhero Rescue Missio

Be a life saver and rescue people in city emergency in robot superhero game.

Play the role of a life saver and save the people in distress from different city emergency situations in this appealing superhero simulator game! Bid farewell to the cliché superhero games and enter a new world of robot superhero designed to take you on an action adventure filled thrilling ride across the town. You will get to choose your flying hero, your specific vehicle type, your superhero sim mode and start playing the amazing game. From immersive simulator graphics and appealing motion effects to smooth controls and thrilling new missions, this game is designed to offer you an extremely amazing superhero lifesaving experience.

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Thrilling Superhero Simulator Game

Enter the ultimate superhero simulation! Prepare yourself to become the one and only life saver of the victims of city emergency. In the city, different emergencies are happening all the time. As a robot superhero, the responsibility of rescuing people out of distress has befallen your shoulders and you must give it all to fulfill your duty. Don the aura of a flying hero, drive around the city to locate the emergencies and get ready to rescue the people stuck in action adventure challenges.

Tackle With City Emergency Efficiently

Every second counts! The more you delay in reaching the destination of city emergency, the more lives you will lose. With great superhero power comes an immensely great responsibility, and you must do all you can to save the people in the superhero games. Roam around the streets, acquire your targeted vehicle, drive the vehicle with realistic controls, reach the destination of accident and do what you can to gather the victims and load them in your vehicle so they can reach the hospital.

Become a Robot Superhero Life Saver

The robot superhero life saver is the only hope for the towns people. Enter the flying hero adventure mode and become the number 1 life saver of the superhero simulator game. From thrilling challenges and sudden emergencies to countless possibilities of saving people and fighting all the odds, this game will test your perseverance to make you fit for the robot superhero title. For every good deed completed successfully, you will earn rewards.

Fantastic Action Adventure Flying Hero Controls

In this game, you will get to experience an immersive game play – thanks to realistic driving and life saving controls. Use the map view to locate the city accidents and reach the location to save the people in distress. Use the collected rewards to unlock new robot superhero, new game modes and new flying hero vehicles to improve your life saver skills.

Features of Flying Superhero Rescue Mission – Crime Fighter

• Simple and easy to play superhero games UI/UX

• Immersive superhero simulator with clear-cut graphics and smooth controls

• Move across the city and locate the city emergency to serve as life saver

• Choose an action adventure vehicle, unlock new robot superhero and select different game modes for more

• Map view and 3D game view to offer immersive experience

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