FNF Music Shooter Full Mod&Gun

FNF Music Shooter Full Mod&Gun APK

About FNF Music Shooter

Gun,Beat,Rap,Dance! It's Friday Night Funkin Playtime!

At FNF Music Battle, you can experience music of different styles and characters.

Let's rock Friday Night Funkin?

What's up boys and girls! Are you ready for the freaky Funkin Friday Night? 3 2 1 let's go!?

We are comeback with the whole new song and mod which are waiting for you to play in FNF Music Battle!?

【Simple to play】

➤Different guns can create different musical emotions

➤ Hold and drag the gun to stab the beat.

➤ Avoid missing the cubes!

➤ Follow the rhythm and enjoy the addictive challenges.

➤ Impress your friends with your perfect combo.


- FNF Full 7 weeks and many MODs are here!?

- Your favourite characters: Boyfriend, Huggy, Sonic, Witty,...

- Various songs’ genre: Genocide, Headache, At my worst,...

Try it now! FNF lovers will love it!

If any producer or record label has a problem with any of the music used in the game please email us and if necessary it will be removed immediately (including images used).

contact us:

Send an email to [email protected]

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