FNF Trepidation Mod vs Jeff

FNF Trepidation Mod vs Jeff APK

About FNF Trepidation Mod vs Jeff

Ready to rap against different creepypasta characters in a funkin music game

This FNF Trepidation 1.5 mod is based on Friday Night Slashing: Vs. Jeff The Killer. There are 17 songs in this horror mod where you rap against different creepypasta characters. Moreover, This mod is updated with almost horror FNF mods like Jeff the Killer, The Slender Man, Hypnos lullaby...

In addition to new funkin characters and weeks, the mod also has new mechanics and a secret menu to unlock new music. Read the gameplay below carefully to save yourself. Good luck!


- Tap the arrow to make them perfectly match and get the highest score.

- Feel horror rhythm! Rock the beat! Dance with Trepidation!

- NOTICE: some creepypasta characters send out special notes that will instantly kill the player if they touch them. Or during some sections of the song, the opponent will attack you in an attempt. The player better should hold the attacking button to doge or else enemies can instantly kill the player with a missile.


- All for FREE

- Play offline anywhere anytime

- Funkin rhythm under each fingertip

- High-quality background with awesome graphics

- Amazing sound effects

- Full enemies from FNF mods (Hypno, Pokemon, Pico, Tankman,...)

- Be updated monthly!

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