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Upgrade, cook & serve tasty fast food to an endless crowd!

Welcome to Fry Tycoon, the ultimate hyper-casual mobile game where your mission is to create the most profitable fast food empire! Upgrade your equipment, unlock mouth-watering recipes, and serve endless lines of eager customers. Are you ready to become the Fry Tycoon? ????

In Fry Tycoon, you'll start by serving up delicious, golden fries. As you earn money, you'll be able to upgrade the speed of your conveyor belts and cutting machines, boosting your income and making your fast food joint the talk of the town. With every upgrade, you'll see your profits soar and your lines grow longer!

But that's not all! Unlock new products like pizzas, burgers, and smoothies, each with its own automated production process. The potatoes fall through a dispenser and get fed into a cutting knife, then move along the conveyor belt to the fryer and out to the waiting customers. For smoothies, the fryer becomes a blender, and for pizzas, it turns into a sizzling pizza oven. Keep all of your machines running simultaneously, and watch as your income snowballs!

Fusion is the name of the game! Merge your ingredient cutters when they're at the same level to create even more efficient and speedy production lines. The more you merge, the more you earn!

As you progress through Fry Tycoon, you'll have to strategize and choose how to spend your hard-earned cash. Invest in upgrades to boost your income from each product, or save up to unlock new and even more lucrative items on the menu. Every choice you make will shape the future of your fast food empire, so choose wisely!

The fun never stops in Fry Tycoon, with an infinite line of people coming to collect their fries, burgers, pizzas, and smoothies. Keep them happy and coming back for more by ensuring your production lines are always running smoothly and efficiently. The more customers you serve, the more you'll earn, and the closer you'll be to becoming the ultimate Fry Tycoon!

Stunning graphics and smooth gameplay make Fry Tycoon a pleasure to play, while its simple yet addictive mechanics will keep you coming back for more. Whether you're a casual player looking for a quick game to pass the time, or a dedicated fast food entrepreneur ready to build your empire, Fry Tycoon has something for everyone.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Fry Tycoon now and start your journey to fast food domination! Your customers are waiting, and it's time to serve up some tasty treats!

Key Features:

? Begin with fries and unlock more delicious items like pizzas, burgers, and smoothies

? Upgrade your equipment, speed up your conveyor belts, and merge your cutting machines

? Infinite lines of eager customers waiting for your tasty creations

? Strategize how to spend your earnings to maximize your profits and grow your empire

? Stunning graphics and smooth gameplay for a delightful gaming experience

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