GabaG AplikASI

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About GabaG AplikASI

GabaG aplikASI is World's First Breastmilk Storage Manager

Manage your breastmilk storage bags digitally.

GabaG aplikASI helps mom to manage breastmilk storage bags in the refrigerator and freezer.


Breastmilk Storage Bags Management

1. Easily scan the QR Code on GabaG Breastmilk Storage bag or input manually to record storage, freeze, defreeze and use dates.

2. GabaG aplikASI helps notify moms which breastmilk storage bags are ready to be used before their expiration dates.


Type in the unique code on your breastmilk storage bags to GabaG aplikASI to find the history of pumping and storage dates.

Direct Breastfeeding

Use automatic stopwatch or manual input to record the duration of your baby's direct breastfeeding and get the graphic report of your direct breastfeeding activity.


Monitor mom's daily, weekly and monthly report of total pumping volume, each of your babies' breastmilk consumption, total baby's breastmilk consumption and direct breastfeeding duration.

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