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*Time Schedule for Lot no-8 to Kachuberia Ferry and Lonch Service Daily Update*

Ganga Sagar – Kachuberia to Lot no-8 Vessel Time Table is an Android application and especially it’s designed and built to help people. This application is totally free for Android users. This application updates the daily ferry services schedule in and around Gangasagar. Now, this app gives you all information about the Ganges Sagar. Because this is the Best app to reach Ganga Sagar Vessel, Lonch, Bus time table Full details.

This app will save your time and get instant Details of Vessel timings. Gangasagar vessel time is changing every time. So it's impotent to get the Time schedule for Lot no 8 - Kachuberia ferry service daily.

The App needs Internet access to see the ferry services timetable and articles about Sagar Island. It is also packed with useful features such as destination time and another helping. It is the highest-rated “Vessel Time Table” App in Google Play Store.

The best app to reach Ganga Sagar Vessel,Lonch,Bus Time Table

“Ganga Sagar – Kachuberia to Lot no-8 Vessel Time” application fulfill your needs, for example: – Where is located, Ganga Sagar? How many ferry services are in Ganga Sagar.

Why this application is best for you?

Get live Vessel Time available in Indian anytime and anywhere. When you are coming travelling on Gangasagar, this App has a feature, You can use this App to find the Daily Vessel Time Update information and ferry timetable information. You can share current Vessel Time with your friends & family via the share feature. This App can also see a fixed time before you’re on Gangasagar arrived.

You get information on coach position and time before you board the Ferry to confirm your seat. Don’t worry, This App provided your current timetable and more information.


Fast and advanced Posted Accurately.

All information about Ganga Sagar (Travel Related).

Fast Loading Android application.

Posted Daily Vessel and ferry services Time Table Schedules.

Only Android users can use it.

All over Ganga sagar Local News.

Anyone Can Upload Local news (Only for Ganga Sagar).

Anyone Can Suggestion and Feedback.

All Features are accessed Free of cost.

Supported Languages are English and Bengali.


Ganga Sagar Vessel Service Timetable

• (Ganga Sagar) Kachuberia to (Kakdwip) Lot no-8 Vessel Time

Ganga Sagar Lonch Service Timetable

• Namkhana (Narayanpur) to (GangaSagar) Benuban

• (GangaSagar) Mayagoyalini to (Purba Medinipur) Rasulpur

Ganga Sagar Boat Service Timetable

• Gharamara to Lot no-8 (Kakdwip)

• Ganga Sagar (Kachuberia) to Purba Medinipur (Haldiya)

• Sumati Nagar to MrtyunjayaNagar to Narayanpur (Ganga Sagar to Namkhana)

• Kakdwip ( Moyna para) to Ganga Sagar (Kachuberia) to Khejuri (Talparty)

• Pathar Pratima (Rakhaskhali) Bishalakshi Ghat to Namkhana (Narayanpur)

• Kakdwip to Sagar to Katakhali (Ganga Sagar to Purba Medinipur)

• Ganga Sagar (Benubon) to Mousumi (Bakdanga)

• Ganga Sagar (Kachuberia) to Purbo Medinipur (Haldia Township)

Train Service Timetable

• Sealdha to Lakshmikantapur to Kakdwip to Namkhana (UP and DOWN Local Train Timetable)

Bus Service Timetable

• Kolkata to Kakdwip

• Kolkata to Bakkhali

• Kachuberia to Ganga Sagar

Ambulance Service Details (Name and Number)

• All Sagar Island (Local Area)

• Water Ambulance (Kachuberia to Lot no-8)

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